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Hints And Tips For Puppy Training

Puppy training is a big responsibility. The first few months of a dog's life can set the stage for a long and happy life. Very young puppies can learn faster than a toddler how to gain control of their body functions, but they require constant ...
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Comparing Breeds

If you compare dog breeds, the animal’s size and appearance will likely be the first factors to come to mind. There are many other factors involved in choosing the breed of dog that is right for you. When comparing breeds you must consider the needs ...
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How Proper Nutrition Affects Puppy Housebreaking

Proper puppy nutrition is vital for the overall health and well being of every puppy. The best place to find comprehensive information on how to ensure proper nutrition is the veterinarian who regularly cares for the puppy's medical needs. Of course, most proud new puppy ...
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Training Bulldog Puppies – Challenges of the Stubborn Bulldog Personality

Bulldogs have to be one of the oldest, most elite, pedigree breeds of dogs in modern day society. Since way back in the 1500s, Bulldogs have been a symbol of England, being generally brave, stoic and strong-willed. Hence, training a bulldog pup is usually a ...
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Now’s a Great Time to Adopt a Dog

Cowley County Humane Society celebrates the American Humane Society’s Adopt a Dog Month by offering half price adoption fees through the month of October. Regardless of the type or size of dog, bets are CCHS has it or will during this fabulous event. Opt ...
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How To Compare Puppy Food

You may ask, "Why is there a need to compare puppy food?" The answer is simple. Not all the best puppy food is the most ideal for your dog. This is because different dogs have different needs that have to be met by their nutrition ...
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