You are in the best position to decide what kind of pet food is best for your dogs. Of course, your veterinarian can play a role in the decision making but he won’t be there to see your pet eat or not eat the food that he has recommended. Therefore, it is really up to you to do a dog food comparison to see which food is the best one for your pooch.

The process may seem like trial and error and part of it actually is. Just because your neighbor’s dog has a preference for a certain dog food brand doesn’t mean your pet will also have the same fancy for it. You have to know your dogs on a more individual level and start observing their preferences.

You will eventually find out as you do the food comparison that the pet foods in the market vary in terms of ingredients. This variation can cause a potential for dog allergies if you don’t research them properly. Nevertheless, there are specifications that have to be met by pet food manufacturers so that they are able to provide dogs with their needed nutrients.

So, how do you choose a pet food? Should you just rely on a simple comparison by putting two or more kinds of food side by side and checking out the differences in ingredients? While you can do that, you’ll still end up going through the trial and error process of choosing the right food for your dogs eventually. Well, not unless you get the first choice right!

In order to select a pet food, check your pet’s present behavior with his current diet. If there seems to be no problem with energy level, waste elimination, teeth plaque, gas, and smell, then you are in luck! Your dog is suited to the diet you have given him.

However, if you notice the opposite, you can try changing his diet with some guidance from a qualified veterinarian. Don’t forget to list down the ingredients of the current food you are feeding your dog so your vet can adjust these levels accordingly to find an appropriate food for your pet.

Different breeds also require different nutritional requirements. In doing a pet food comparison, make sure that you are comparing only those that are applicable to your dog’s breed. Ask your vet and other breeders for the kind of nutritional requirements your pet needs. Also secure the complete version of the food’s nutrient levels from its manufacturer to check if it indeed can give your dog the nutrition he needs.

Aside from the ingredients, you should also look into the caloric considerations when doing a comparison. Your pet will certainly have different calorie needs from another dog so you have to look into this carefully. These are the things you should consider when doing a dog food comparison to choose the right kind of food for your pet.


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