Purchasing Your Dog’s Supplies

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There is much more to having a dog live in your home than dog food and toys. Thinking about the supplies he will need well in advance of bringing him home assures you of a smooth transition from living without a dog to having one feel completely at home with you. While the breed of dog you are adopting is relevant to the supplies […]

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Finding Reputable Local Pet Stores

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Years ago every town, big and small, had a pet store. It was owned by a neighbor most probably and its main purpose was to actually sell pets. Dogs, cats, birds, gold fish and hamsters usually. These pet stores were known for honesty and taking care of the pets for sale. Customers would come in if […]

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Puppy Training – Good Doggie

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Puppies are cute, cuddly and so filled with life all through the infancy stage. It is at this point when puppy training is vital – because believe it or not, these cute cuddly little characters can bring about so much havoc in the house – with their outbursts of action packed antics all caused by excitement.

Fun, it might be at the […]

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Things To Consider When Doing A Dog Food Comparison

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You are in the best position to decide what kind of pet food is best for your dogs. Of course, your veterinarian can play a role in the decision making but he won’t be there to see your pet eat or not eat the food that he has recommended. Therefore, it is really up to you to […]

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