Getting to Know Your Dog

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No matter how much time you put into learning about the breed of dog you have chosen, there is a point you should consider: while there are many traits particular to some breeds, every dog is still a DOG. You can gain a fair amount of understanding of what the breed is like, […]

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Being Reasonable

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For a dog adoption to be successful you must be realistic in your expectations about both the animal and yourself. You’ll have better results if you consider these suggestions before making a final decision about adopting a pet.

First, think about what you expect from the dog you want to adopt. The role he will play in […]

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Considering a Mixed Breed

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Whether you have your heart set on a particular breed of dog or are searching for a special dog that suits your personality, there is another option for you to consider. A mixed breed may be exactly the kind of dog you want.

Contrary to expectations, there’s nothing standard about mix a breed dog. Not only do […]

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Comparing Breeds

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If you compare dog breeds, the animal’s size and appearance will likely be the first factors to come to mind. There are many other factors involved in choosing the breed of dog that is right for you.

When comparing breeds you must consider the needs of your family and your home, as well as the needs of […]

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