There is much more to having a dog live in your home than dog food and toys. Thinking about the supplies he will need well in advance of bringing him home assures you of a smooth transition from living without a dog to having one feel completely at home with you. While the breed of dog you are adopting is relevant to the supplies he will need, you can start with the basics and adjust them to whatever is appropriate for your breed.

Food and water dishes are available in three basic styles. These include individual dishes, connected dishes, and dishes which hold and dispense the products. You can decide which style is more convenient for you.

Grooming supplies also belong on your list of items to purchase before you bring your pet home.  While the specific supplies you purchase depend on the kind of dog you are adopting, most dogs do require some amount of maintenance. A brush that is just for him, non-toxic shampoo made specifically for dogs or puppies, and his own bath towel, are the basics.

Your dog may benefit from health aids, such as vitamin supplements.  They can help even the healthiest pet to stay at his best.  You can ask your veterinarian or the breeder about the specific type of supplements he should have. They may advise you to feed him vitamin-fortified dog food or separate supplements.

Of course your new pet needs toys. Not only will toys give him the chance to play and have fun, it can also decrease his desire to chew on your personal possessions and furniture. If you get him some toys that he can play with by himself, as well as toys to use during his playtime with you, he will be happier and less destructive.

When you are choosing toys for your new dog, there are two points to keep in mind.  First, choose toys that are appropriate to your dog’s size, breed, and age.  For example, a toy that is suitable for a large dog is useless to a puppy.  Second, while toys which are made specifically for dogs are non-toxic and supposedly unbreakable, checking the quality of the toys before you buy them can prevent disaster. It is absolutely essential avoid toys made of wood which can splinter, or anything that could shatter or break, as well as toys with small parts or paint.