Getting to Know Your Dog

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No matter how much time you put into learning about the breed of dog you have chosen, there is a point you should consider: while there are many traits particular to some breeds, every dog is still a DOG. You can gain a fair amount of understanding of what the breed is like, […]

Networking with Others

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You may not have thought of networking as being an important part of adopting a dog. There are a number of reasons why networking can make the adoption more successful. It can help you in choosing the right dog, and enhance the experience of being a dog owner.

Before you actually adopt a dog, you can learn […]

Finding Reputable Local Pet Stores

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Years ago every town, big and small, had a pet store. It was owned by a neighbor most probably and its main purpose was to actually sell pets. Dogs, cats, birds, gold fish and hamsters usually. These pet stores were known for honesty and taking care of the pets for sale. Customers would come in if […]

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